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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Introduction to This Blog

Some years ago my husband was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. He has tried to stay on low doses of the typical meds—insulin stimulating, cholesterol lowering, and blood pressure mitigating—by increasing his exercise routines and changing his diet. This last item is where I come in, as I do most of the cooking for the two of us.

After 30 years of cooking whatever came into my head to concoct, I had to start thinking about every ingredient in every meal. I bought recipe books for diabetics that were full of carbohydrates. Once we ordered a diabetic meal on an airplane (remember when they served meals?) and the meal that my husband ended up with had more carbs and sugar than the regular meal that I was given. Misinformation and misguided advice was everywhere, so we did our own research and calculations, and my husband carefully monitored his fasting blood sugar every morning.

My purpose for writing this blog is to share recipes for food and drinks I have come up with that are both delicious and healthful. Good for diabetics, and also for anyone wanting not to sacrifice taste in the quest for a more healthy lifestyle.

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