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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Menu 2011


Pa amb tomàquet: 'bread with tomatoes'
Patatas bravas: 'potatoes with brava sauce'
Pinot grigio salami (Volpi Foods)
Marcona almonds
Marinated Spanish olives



Opakapaka a la Mallorquina: 'pink snapper', 'Mallorca style'
Pollo en "pepitoria": 'chicken in "squash seed" sauce'
Ink-black rice


Almond flan

Opakapaka baked with vegetables; chicken pepitoria, and black rice

The Story:

In November we took our tandem on a cruise-and-bike tour around the Iberian Peninsula.
Mercado San Miguel, Madrid
 I had fully intended to take notes and photographs of all the food we ate, especially those dishes that I could recommend for diabetics travelling in that region. I took a few photos of our first meal in Spain, and then we got so busy and so tired that taking photos was almost a chore and taking notes was out of the question. (Four pictures from various restaurants in Madrid are shown below.) When we returned, I decided that I would make our Christmas dinner for six people as close to an Iberian experience as possible.

The menu included bread, potatoes, rice, and dessert. I tried to ameliorate the carbohydrate presence by using whole grain bread (La Brea Bakery multigrain loaf) and brown bhasmati rice. Nothing I could do about the potatoes! But there were so many other things to taste that my husband was able to limit himself to a few bites of each of the carb dishes. For dessert, I took a portion of the flan mixture and made an individual custard for him, no sugar added. The next morning his fasting blood sugar was within the range expected for a nondiabetic person.

On this web page, the dishes that I made by following recipes published on the internet are hyperlinked to those recipes.

In later blogs, I will be posting the recipes for the dishes that I made after comparing two or more recipes and using my own judgment about times, temperatures, ingredients, etc.
Fried baby squid
Deep fried anchovies
Squid-ink paella
Sausage on tomato bread 

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